District Information 

Activity Price Schedule:  

Regular gate admission per event

K-12 (non-district students)




Doubleheader basketball games

K-12 $5.00; Adults $7.00

Activity Tickets

Menno Students

No Charge

Parent Activity Ticket


Adult Activity Ticket


Golden Age Pass


Adult Punch Ticket (good for 10 games)


*Activity tickets are good for all home regular season athletic events.

Administration of Medications Policy:  We would like to inform you of the policies that have been put in place to ensure the health and safety of children needing medication, (including over-the-counter meds, such as Tylenol) during the school day. Our school district requires that the following forms be on file in your child's health record before we begin to give any medication at school

1.       Signed consent by the parent or guardian to give medicine.

2.       Signed Medication Record.

You or a responsible adult whom you designate should deliver medications to the school in a pharmacy or manufacturer labeled container. Please ask your pharmacy to provide separate bottles for school and at home.  No more than a thirty-day supply of medicine should be delivered to the school.

Students will not be allowed to transport medications of any kind to and from school.

*When your child needs medication to be administered during the school day, please act quickly to follow these policies so we may begin to give the medication as soon as possible.  You will need to stop at the school's main office to pick up the necessary forms.

Application Form and Guidelines for Free & Reduced School Lunches:  Application forms and guidelines are available at the school office.  Please return completed application forms to the school before school starts. It is extremely beneficial to you and the school district that anyone who qualifies completes the application and returns it to school.

Hot Lunch/Breakfast Prices & Programs: 
Lunch prices for the school year are as follows:     

Grades Pre-K-4


($53.00 for 20 meals)

Grades 5-12


($63.00 for 20 meals)

Extra Milk

$.35 a carton





Breakfast prices for the school year are as follows:

​Grades K-12


​($30.00 for 20 meals)

Extra Milk

$.35 a carton



State regulations state that no students are allowed to have pop or soft drinks in the lunchroom during the lunch break.  This includes the children that bring their own lunch/breakfast. School policy is no pop or soft drinks allowed in the school during school hours.
If your child has an allergy to food, please come to the school and fill out the food allergy form.

  • Lunch needs to be paid for in advance.

  • Account balances can be viewed on the DDN campus portal.

Asbestos Notification:  The Menno School District has on file a completed and updated Management Plan for dealing with asbestos-containing building materials within the school district's buildings.  The Management Plan is available for viewing Monday-Friday, 8:00 am – 4:00 pm in the office of the Superintendent.  Copies will be made available, upon request, at the cost of 25 cents per page within 24 hours of the written request. 

Athletic Schedules:  A schedule is available on the school web page in the Documents section. A reminder that all schedules are subject to change.

Bus Schedules:  Families will be mailed bus route schedules for those that ride the bus.  Bear in mind that these times are tentative and may vary on the first day of school.  Since the school now uses the DDN Campus Messenger program to notify all families of school closings etc., it is not necessary to have a bus route phone tree.  Please keep in mind we do ask that you notify the bus driver or the family ahead of you if you will not be riding the bus.

Calculators:  All students in grades 6-12 are required to have their own calculator. It is recommended that you have nothing less than Texas Instrument TI-30XII which will cost $12.00-$15.00. 

Child Find Notice:  The Menno School District is required by law and conscience to provide appropriate educational opportunities for all children, regardless of their special needs.  In light of this, Mr. Kory Foss of the Menno School District announces that the district is conducting an annual "Child Find" Search to identify and evaluate all district children under 21 who may not be receiving appropriate educational opportunities.

Mr. Kory Foss, of the Menno School District, has been named Child Find Coordinator.

Persons who know of a child in this school district with inappropriate or unserved education needs may give the child's name to Mr. Foss at 387-5161.  After obtaining parental consent, the district will conduct an evaluation of the child's needs and determine their educational needs.

Mr. Foss stresses that parents are not expected to be able to diagnose a child's difficulty before they ask for help.  He also said, "It is the philosophy of the Menno School District to see that every child, regardless of their special needs, may develop to their fullest potential."

Dangerous Weapons In The School Policy:  On August 12, 1996, the Menno School Board officially adopted this policy.  A copy of this policy is included in the student handbook that is found on the school website.  Please take time to discuss this policy with your children.

Delta Dental Plan:  The school no longer has the application forms.  The plan is still being offered but parents will have to access the application form from Delta Dental website, www.deltadentalsd.com.

Student Accident Insurance Form:  A pamphlet explaining the student accident insurance is enclosed in the parent packet sent out before school starts.  Completed applications should be returned to school as soon as possible.  This coverage does not cover sports injuries.  

Student Handbooks:  The student handbooks can be found on the district's website.

Emergency Dismissal Form:  A form must be filled out for both medical and weather-related emergencies. Please complete this form for students in grades Pre-K-12 and return it to your child's teacher or the school office.

Non-Discrimination Statement:  The Menno School District 33-2 does not discriminate in its employment policies and practices or in its educational programs on the basis of race, color, creed, religion, age, sex, handicap, national origin, or ancestry.

Inquiries concerning the application of Title VI, Title IV, or Section 504 may be referred to the school Superintendent at 410 5th Ave. S., Menno, SD  57045 (Phone 605-387-5161), or U.S. Department of Education Office for Civil Rights, 10220 North Executive Hills Boulevard, 8th Floor, Kansas City, Missouri 64153-1367 (Phone 1-816-880-4202 or FAX 1-816-891-0644).

Individual Picture Information:  Pictures will be taken by Digital Solutions on September 1, 2023.

School Calendar: The school calendar is set up for 170 school days.  Days that are missed during the school year will be possibly added to the calendar.  A copy is posted on the web page.

School Closings: In the event that the weather or other emergency situations make it necessary to have no school, a late start, or early dismissal, the school will use the school website and social media accounts, automated telephone calls, and local TV. stations.  A call will go out to all households or during the day the call will go to all work numbers and/or cell numbers you have provided the school.  If school is closed for bad weather, the information on the emergency form will be followed.  Individual students will NOT be allowed to make phone calls.  We need to keep phone lines open for requested contact, and parents to call in.

Health Services:  The Menno School District 33-2 has contracted with Freeman Area Community Health Care to provide health services for our school children. They will do the following preventive care assessments for children.

  1. Complete health assessments in grades pre-kindergarten, Kindergarten, and 5th grade, as well as any school child on referral.

  2. Scoliosis screening to boys and girls in grades 7 and 9, as well as any school child on referral.

  3. Vision screening for grades Kindergarten, 3, 5, 7, and 9, as well as any school child on referral.              

Lunch menus: Lunch menus are available on the school web page but are subject to change.

Calendar:  Schedules do change but calendars will be kept up to date and are available on the school web page. 

Smoke-Free School:  The Menno School is a smoke-free school.  This means that smoking is not allowed at anytime anywhere on the Menno School buildings/grounds.  Your cooperation will be appreciated.

Surveillance Cameras:  For safety purposes, surveillance cameras are used in the building.

Grades:  Menno Public School uses an Internet-based student information system called DDN Campus.  Parents are able to view their child's grades and attendance using the Internet.  If you have Internet access at home or work and wish to take advantage of this feature, please contact the office and leave your name and email address.  An activation code will be sent to you. If you already have access from the previous year and have forgotten your password, send an email to Martin.Sieverding@k12.sd.us who will be able to assist you.               

Training Rules/Medical Consent Forms:  Training rules and medical consent forms must be filled out and will be placed on file in the school office. Training rules apply to ALL extra-curricular activities so EVERY student in grades 6-12 MUST have both areas signed and returned on the first day of school.  

Wellness Center: Menno Public Students ages 14 and up are allowed to use the Wellness Center and Old Gym at no charge.  They will be required to pay a deposit for a fob at the cost of $25.00.  A contract signed by both student and parent is required at the start of each school year in order to activate their fob.  Students interested in using the Wellness Center should stop by the school office for a contract.  Families wishing to use the old gym only may purchase a fob for $25.00 and are not required to pay a Wellness Center membership fee.

Laptop Agreement: Every student in grades 6-12 must complete and return the laptop agreement form. Students in grades 6 – 12 will not be allowed to take their laptops home until the form is returned. 

Computer Usage: The student handbook has acceptable use for computers, the Internet, and electronic mail.  EVERY student in grades PK-8 and their parent/guardian MUST read this policy found on the school web page and sign the sheet enclosed in this packet stating you understand and will follow the acceptable use policy. 

Web Page Permission Form: Throughout the year, teachers will be updating their website with photographs of the class or examples of student work/projects.  Please indicate on the form if it is acceptable to use your child's work and/or picture on the school's website.  Please complete one form for each child in grades Pre-K-8.

If you have any questions, please call the school at 605-387-5161.


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